KSA KKIA Terminal 5 Carpark Management and Guidance System Project...


King Khaled International Airport Terminal 5 Parking Project, multi-storey customer parking area and open area private car parks are also included. Customer satisfaction and operator satisfaction are considered with the standard parking area designed to meet customer satisfaction at the highest level. The project has 2 main entrance and 2 main exit and it is designed to provide outdoor parking service for the airport employees in order to be able to park easily. A total of 1455 ultrasonic sensors and RGB Leds are used in the closed customer parking lot which consists of 3 floors. In the main entrance of the parking lot, specially designed digital signage and indicators provide information on the parking lot at the entrance to the parking lot. In addition, there are digital LED indicators and LED indicators in the corridor entrance. In addition, automatic payment points are located at the pedestrian entrance and exit of the parking lot so that the customers can exit the parking lot more quickly.

It is possible to find an empty car space without spending more time releasing the exhaust while using the airport carpark.

In the first application of the parking lot project, 5 entry and 8 exit, 1 open and 2 exit, VIP and authorized entrance points were set up in the customer's car park. Four
manual payment stations were set up at the exit point, and 4 additional automatic payment stations (APS) were installed at the beginning of the project to provide additional convenience to pay parking fees in different places and effortlessly. Technology convenience is provided by choosing either credit card or cash payment methods. In addition, Plate Recognition Cameras are installed in all inputs and outputs, double check in and out of the system, Black list identification, facilitates entry and exit of vehicle plates included in the system.

Increase the capacity of multi-storey car park entry, exit and payment systems by signing a new agreement with the running area Suudi Naval IPark firm ParkFORTE. The entrance and exit areas of the multi-storey car park were re-projected and 1 entrance, 5 exit and 8 automatic payment stations were upgraded in the 2nd phase. In total, there are 6 entrance, 13 exit for car park, 1 entrance and exit PIP for open car park, 1 entrance and 2 exit for open car park, 6 manual payment stations and 12 automatic payment stations were established for VIP and employee parking lots.